Ask the Right Questions About Home Rental Information in Denver

website-2At Blue Apple Property Management and Sales, Inc., we’re known for managing and renting single family homes throughout the Denver metro area. If you’re looking for a new place, take a look at the following Denver home rental information.

Looking within Douglas County, Adams County, or Arapahoe County? Please follow the links below to find location descriptions. They may help you figure out where you want to rent a house!

Should I Rent a House or Rent an Apartment in the Denver Suburbs?

This is a common question that many renters ask themselves. We feel there are some real advantages to renting a single family home.

  • Cost: Renting a house is often about the same price as renting an apartment. The rent on our houses usually ranges from $1,095 to $1,695. We also have some high-end homes available to rent for $1,700 and up. Please see our Houses for Rent page for a complete listing of available rental properties.
  • Space: Many houses for rent are bigger than the apartments for rent. Most houses we represent range from 1400 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft! Most apartments available to rent (even 3 bedroom) are around 1100 to 1300 sq. ft. Rent a house and stretch out!
  • Basement: Almost every house that you might rent will have a basement with storage galore for all your belongings. Some basements in rentals are finished, adding valuable living space.
  • Attached garage:  Most rental houses have 2- or 3-car attached garages convenient for protecting your car from snow, heat, and damage. They are also wonderful for additional storage and carrying items in from your car. Some apartments offer garages with their rent, but they are usually detached garages.
  • Privacy: A single-family house is separate from its neighbors. Apartments have shared walls and you often have people living above or below you. Loud noises, music, and general sounds can often be heard and are disturbing.  Renting a house is much more peaceful—you can turn up the radio without worrying about bothering others.
  • Trash removal: When you rent a house, you have a private trash company that picks up waste right at the end of your driveway. No more hauling bags out to a dumpster in the cold of night.
  • Fenced yard: Dog owners rejoice! When you rent one of our houses, you can simply open the door and let the dog out (or even get a doggy door). Mow the grass on the weekends, enjoy a swing set in the backyard, or maybe even a hot tub. It is also easy to keep an eye on kids as they play in the fenced back yard. Some yards are big, some are small—you pick! Apartments usually don’t have a private yard; you have to put your dog on a leash before going outside. And children don’t have the freedom in an apartment that they do in a house.
  • Driveway: It is great to rent a house and have a driveway to wash your car, change your car oil, and let kids play. Of course, when you rent an apartment, you don’t have this.
  • Pride of ownership: Renting a house gives you an opportunity to put down some roots. You will be able to plant some flowers, hang some personalized curtains, and get to know your neighbors.

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Michelle Olson
Blue Apple Property Management and Sales, Inc.