See Why Clients Love Blue Apple Property Managers

At Blue Apple Property Management & Sales, Inc., we know our services are fantastic. What counts, though, is what you think!

Here’s What Our Homeowners Say About Our Denver Property Managers:

“As property owners in Colorado, we have been extremely impressed with the professional, high-energy style of Shelley Olson. She is very knowledgeable in her field and provides quality service, even in difficult or challenging situations. Shelley provides excellent follow up and solutions that ultimately get the job done and keep everyone happy!”
–Mike & Lisa (San Jose, California)

“Michelle and I have been very pleased with how you and your staff have managed our property. We appreciate the fact that you are proactive and keep us informed of crucial decisions that may affect our property. Thanks for a job well done!”
–Robert & Michelle (Aurora, Colorado)

“Doing this (renting out my house) over the internet works very well! I am very happy with both Shelley and Blue Apple, and there haven’t been any unexpected challenges. The turn-around time with renting my properties has been 2 days to 2 weeks maximum!”
–Kathi (South Africa)

Here’s What the Tenants Are Saying:

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and your patience with me. You have been so cheerful and kind, and your manner really has helped me to feel better about this whole process. So, thank you again!”
–Melissa (Santa Clarita, California)

“Thanks for all your hard work. We appreciate it! As soon as I get the lease I will print it out, sign it, and email it back. We are very excited; thank you!”
–Stuart (Colorado)

“Shelley, thank you so much for all your hard work and your patience with me. I am not usually this bothersome—it’s just stressful not having things finalized, especially when we’re dealing with long distance. But you’re probably used to working with stressed-out people who are moving! You have been so cheerful and kind, and your manner really has helped me to feel better about this whole process. So thank you again! I’ll look forward to hearing from you again soon!”

–Melissa (Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

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“Shelley, sorry for the delayed response…that is great news! Thanks for getting this squared away. As you know, we haven’t gone a single month without a resident thanks to your hard work. This is awesome. I hope you are having a good Labor Day/end of summer. Talk to you soon.”
–Mike (Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

“Thank you for the information, and your group has been very helpful insofar as making our transfer to Germany and the handling the rental of our house very transparent. Again, your team rocks!”
–Dan (Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

“Dear Friends, please allow me to take a moment of your time to introduce a colleague of mine, Shelley Olson, Broker/Owner of Metro Brokers Blue Apple Property Management and Sales, Inc. You know, there aren’t too many businesses nowadays that meet your expectations, let alone exceed them. When was the last time you said, ‘Wow!’ about a referred company? Blue Apple makes us look good! That’s why I wanted to personally introduce you to Blue Apple. For years now, Shelley Olson has been a solid member of our Metro Broker Centennial Offices team, helping a variety of clients rent out their property, and she has been absolute pleasure to do business with. She makes us look good to our referrals. If you ever have a client who is interested in leasing out a property or a ‘for sale’ listing that won’t sell, this is the company for you to recommend with confidence! Blue Apple has property managers based throughout the Denver Metro Area.”
–Dick (Centennial, Colorado)

“Thanks much for all your help. You have made this transaction very easy on my end.”
–Valerie (Broomfield, Colorado)

“We have been associated with Blue Apple for over 4 years. The staff, very friendly and organized, has always been very pleasant to work with. The properties we have serviced have been well maintained and they hold us to the highest standards. Over the years we have provided service for numerous management companies, and Blue Apple ranks as one of the best (5 out of 5 stars). Thank You!!”
–Norma Acevedo, office manager (Home Cleaning Centers of America in Lakewood, Colorado)

“Joy has been a pleasure to work with. She has gone beyond the call of duty for me. I no longer see her as a broker or leasing agent, I see her as a friend—my first friend in Colorado with my relocation from Kansas City, MO. She has been patient with me (because I tend to be demanding at times with little patience); she has been extremely pleasant and even stern when necessary, without being offensive and overbearing. So, to that end, she is definitely a great person to have on your team.”
–Wanda (Aurora, Colorado)

“Blue Apple has made renting our home incredibly easy and stress-free. They handled absolutely everything. I never worry about the house because I know they are taking good care of it. Thx!”
–Laura (Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

“When I decided to lease our home in Highlands Ranch, I researched all the real estate management companies. I decided to hire Blue Apple because of Marina Gorbounov, our Blue Apple rep. She is very professional and thorough. She was able to get a contract on our home within 10 days of putting it on the market, and she has communicated with us all the way—no surprises!! Thanks Marina.”
–Andrew (Casper, Wyoming)

“Marina found a good tenant for our rental property very quickly. I have found Marina to be very helpful and responsive to our questions and concerns. I recommend Marina to other homeowners looking for a property manager. 5 stars.”
–Bob (Littleton, Colorado)

“Great staff and service. Always there when a need comes up.”
–Steven (Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

“All dealings with the representatives have been good. Trying to remember the names; Maria & Joy are the two I have most contact with. Both are good communicators and also know their jobs. They are easy to contact, also. The office is very friendly and helpful at all times; a pleasure to work with. Thank you. 4.5 stars.”
–Kurt (Castle Rock, CO)

“Thank you so much for all your help; getting Kathryn settled is so important to us. You have been so helpful. We will go to Louisiana and back Wednesday, and I will call you to set up our walkthrough. Thank you.”
–Patti (Indian Hills, Colorado)

“Leann is a great liaison for Blue Apple. Any problems or issues are rectified quickly and efficiently. If possible, we would like the option to pay our rent online. Five stars.”
–Adam (Broomfield, Colorado)

“Thank you so much for taking care of the plumbing so fast! Happy Halloween! 5 stars.”
–Elena (Denver, Colorado)

“Thanks, team, for helping solve all the issues in the unit!”
–Jerry (Littleton, Colorado)

“I wanted to let you know that we have been working with Marina for about 3 months now. My husband came out to Colorado on business and had to fit house hunting into his hectic schedule. Marina was more than willing to meet with him after the work day ended and never hurried him along. He found a home that he thought would be great for our family, but I was unable to travel to see it. She accompanied him on many visits so he could take pictures and answer questions that I had about the home. Once we decided to go ahead and rent the home, she was always available over the phone and/or email for questions and help with the process. Now we are in the home and the few issues we have experienced are going to be handled next week (simple things: a noisy toilet, a pesky drawer, etc.). I have been very pleased with Marina’s help and professionalism. We rented one home before this and dealt directly with the owner. I prefer having an agency because with the simple things I mentioned above, Marina said that she would call the handy man and it would be taken care of right away. When you rent from the owner, you have to find the handyman, deal with the payment/rent adjustment, not to mention the conversation with the homeowner convincing him that some things are necessary to fix. So far, this experience has been very pleasant. I would recommend Blue Apple and Marina to any friend looking to rent a property in the area. Thank you.”
–Brenda (Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

“Thanks much for your help getting all details together smoothly for our rental in Indian Hills. You made it a very happy and pleasant experience. We were confident immediately that you were a person who was well prepared to do your work well. We will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you!”
–KN & PH

“Very good company to work for. Great staff. 5 stars.”
–Jacob (Aurora, Colorado)

“Thank you so much for your help! You were very kind, understanding, and helpful! Happy Holidays!!”
–Andrea (Castle Rock, Colorado)

“From the moment my wife contacted Blue Apple we have been extremely happy. The home was immaculate and all of our questions and concerns were answered. Everybody from Maria, Marina, and Cindy have been wonderful. 5 stars.”
–Phil (Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help during an uncomfortable and stressful time for me. You made me feel at ease. You gave clear and concise answers and directions, explanations, and options. I really felt so much more informed and cared for after talking to you. I felt you took the time to not only listen to me but you also tried to understand my needs and intentions, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that because I have a very hard time communicating what it is I need or what I’m trying to accomplish. So I just wanted to thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!”
–Sandra (Parker, Colorado)

“Wanted to let you know that it is truly a pleasure to deal with your staff when I come in every month to pay my rent. Cindy is always a pleasure, and has the best (literally the best) handwriting that I have ever seen. I certainly cannot leave out Jenny as well. She is always positive and upbeat, and is an excellent representative for your company.”
–Chance (Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

“Thanks for a good job on our rental property. Happy Thanksgiving!”

“I enjoyed working with you, and if I ever need to work with a property management company again, I will certainly look you up!”
–Otilia (Denver, Colorado)

“Very friendly and helpful. 5 Stars.”
–Ryan (Wheatridge, Colorado)


Michelle Olson – Managing Broker
Blue Apple Property Management and Sales, Inc.